In the fall of 2012 I decided to make a big change in my life.  After working 14+ hours a day on cycling trip called Tour De Ted for nearly 3 weeks I was totally fried!  The 3 weeks were mentally, physically and emotionally draining.  We lived out of suitcases and jumped from hotel to hotel covering 14 stages from Colorado Springs, Colorado to St. Louis, Missouri.  All in all the trip was a great experience but I was ready for the next step in this adventure of a life.  Upon completion of the trip Drew (my co-worker) and I were scheduled to fly back to Montana.  During the 3 week trip I had been emailing with a guy in Denver, Colorado that had a 1990 VW Vanagon for sale.  I was so tired every day and email was the easiest form of communication so I had never actually talked to the seller.  I made a plan to meet up with him at the Denver airport on our layover.  We landed in Denver and realized we had about a 1/2 hour layover.  My plan to potentially jump on a plane for Missoula was just replaced with purchasing a VW vanagon.  Sight unseen I had made the decision to purchase the VW.  Drew and I stood outside anxiously waiting to see the rig.  I need to rewind a little; I have been obsessed with VW vans for the past couple years.  I had been dreaming about owning one of these fine German machines for years.  I had spent countless hours scouring the web looking for the perfect van.  This particular van caught my eye because it was orange and white.  Yes, a stupid reason to buy a van but upon further inspection it seemed mechanically sound and road worthy.

The van pulled around the corner at the Denver airport and it was love at first sight.  Drew and I loaded our gear into the van and headed into Denver to complete the transaction.  I knew it was destined when the owner told us he was also an avid runner and we mutually knew some of the same folks.  He took us out to breakfast and we went to his house to go over the finer details of the vanagon.  I quickly learned that every VW van that is 20+ years old has many individual quirks.  He helped us get the VW squared away and we were ready to hit the open road!  Drew quickly figured out how to open the rear bed and I did not see him for the next few hours.  I had some alone time with my new love.  The van and I began to bond and I could not have been happier to be cruising at 40 mph up some of the passes on Colorado’s I-70.  We headed for Steamboat Springs to pop in and visit a college friend whom was working at Moots bikes.  We made the stop and the van continued to run well.  We finished up the trip to Missoula, Montana without any hiccups and I was now a VW vanagon owner!

Since the purchase I have been on many adventures including trips to; Arizona via Moab, the California coast, and the East coast.  The van has conquered many miles and I have encounterd many adventures and learned a few things about the finer points of a 1990 VW vanagon.  I recently was sponsored by GoWesty a VW part specialist in California.  I found GoWesty when my starter went out in the middle of now where Montana.  The folks at GoWesty were amazing and mades sure that I would have a new starter delivered to me in Wisconsin on time.  I will now be doing some blogging that will include posts about my 1990 VW vanagon “Crusher”.  I forgot to mention how my van came to be know as “Crusher”.  A client at The Cycling House said it reminded them of the soda, Orange Crush, and the name stuck.  Everyone was pressuring me to name the van for the first several months and finally I was ready to name the van.  The story is complete and Crusher was ready for some more adventures.


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